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Character & Leadership Arc

"Human greatness does not lie in wealth or power, but in character and goodness." Anne Frank



It is a fundamental aim of Aspire is that we place as much emphasis on both leadership and character development as we do on academic success. Good leaders are people who have a good vision of where they are going in life, are articulate in that they can communicate and align people with that vision and have the confidence to take people with them. They also display both integrity and humility. At the heart of the academy therefore it is the firm belief that we must aim to create moments when our students can see and believe in themselves as never before and to translate such moments into lessons for everyday life. To unlock leadership potential in our young people, leadership is delivered through five components: theoretical leadership, practical leadership, enterprise, service and professionalism.

Leadership Programme

Leadership is delivered as part of all students’ core curriculum. Leadership theory is delivered during enrichment through the novel and exciting leadership packages written by subject matter experts within Great Schools Trust. This bespoke Leadership allows students to learn and develop a deeper understanding of the basics of leadership and becoming a leader. Furthermore, how to become a better follower and team member. The practical application of leadership is delivered through several school-based activities through enrichment and educational visits. 

This provides our students with a leadership trajectory from Years 7 through 11. They link their Character lessons to leadership and develop concrete connections to both subjects.   For practical leadership development, students can continue to undertake leadership lessons with The Combined Cadet Force for enrichment. Pupils wishing to do so may have the opportunity to join.

Student Leadership Curriculum 

As part of our vision and ethos, we are keen to ensure that students leave Aspire with a strong sense of their mission and calling. When they are ready for the outside world, we aspire for our students to leave with a desire to serve and become the next generation of leaders. The Leadership curriculum forms part of the Character and Leadership Arc, this aims to develop the academic, professional and character skills needed to be successful in life so that all students can make the most of their abilities and interests and fulfil their true potential. Throughout their time at Aspire, all students will undertake a curriculum that is rich in the development of leadership, citizenship, character and enterprise.

Great Schools Trust has developed its bespoke leadership curriculum starting in key stage 3 and continues through to key stage 4. The students follow a progressive programme that allows them to learn and explore leadership theory and practice.