Careers Information & Guidance

Every pupil at King's Leadership Phoenix Academy is entitled to receive high-quality careers education and guidance. Our careers education offer is delivered through the curriculum and for the entire duration of a pupils time with us.

The main objectives of our careers programme are to:

  • Provide comprehensive and impartial information, advice and guidance to pupils as part of their whole school curriculum
  • Ensure that pupils are clear about how the subjects they study link to possible career opportunities available to them
  • Raise pupils aspirations and develop the core skills that they require to ensure that they are viewed as future employees of choice
  • Provide all pupils with a clear understanding of the post 16 opportunities available to them, including higher education (HE), further education (FE), apprenticeships, traineeships, and employment
  • Ensure that all pupils know about the routes and options available to them and understand how to find out more about them
  • Provide equality of access to careers education and guidance 

If you would like further information regarding our careers programme please do not hesitate to contact our careers leader at the school.

Name of careers leader: Mrs Sarah Martindale

0151 245 4968

Date of school’s next review of the published information: July 2024


Careers Guidance for Pupils

How we measure the impact of the careers programme on students

The school will monitor its success in supporting students to take up education or training which offers good long-term prospects. One way of doing this is through use of destination measures data. The school closely monitors the number of students who are recorded as not in education, employment or training (NEET) after they have left school. 

Formal monitoring of the impact of CIEAG and provider access will be carried out through:

  • The school’s CIEAG checklist 

  • Careers guidance interview records 

  • Informal feedback from students, parents, teachers and employers through random sampling 

  • Student questionnaires for individual guidance interviews and group work 

  • Lesson observations 

  • Sustained destinations, including longer term destination measures for up to five years after completing key stage 4

  • Regular review meetings with external partners and evaluation of the impact of partnership agreements

Useful Links for Post-16 Study