Class of 2021 Secure Apprenticeships


At the Aspire Centre, part of Great Schools Trust, we are delighted that our Class of 2021 students have all secured their desired apprenticeships which they commenced in September. 

One of our students, Thomas Whittle, completed a taster course in Construction while he was with us.  Excelling in this subject he decided to pursue an apprenticeship in plumbing with Hugh Baird and now has a full-time position with a local company.

Another student, Jodie Byrne, thrived on our hairdressing course.  She has secured a position at a local salon and will start her apprenticeship there in September.

The Aspire Centre will be supporting students throughout Years 12 and 13 of their apprenticeships.  We look forward to sharing with you how they both get on.

For more information about the Aspire Centre contact us on 0151 728 1387.